One Million Euro SMS Scam

The following SMS is a scam,

Congratulations! You have won One Million Euro on orange mobile promotion; send your names and Mobile No. via email to; orange [at] citynew [.] com

Please don’t respond to this message. It’s part of a scam. Just delete it.

Updated 15 Oct 2012:

Another couple of SMS’s that are also scams:

Your Mobile# has won 1 MILLION POUNDS in NOKIA/FREELOTTO Ref No:NK672 for claim Email us (NAME/COUNTRY/NUMBER/EMAIL) to nokiaglobal@<removed>


Transaction no: 4224 Your mobile number has won 720,000.00 pounds in the ongoing freelotto bonanza for claim email: frlo1214@<removed>

If you have more of these post them in the comments below. Remember that they’re scams, don’t reply to the message.

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