Hacking Wireless Networks

A while back I wrote about wireless network security, click here to see the article. Basically you have 4 ways to set up a wireless network (at home or at the office):

  1. No wireless security
  2. WEP
  3. WPA
  4. WPA2

No wireless security means just that, anyone can connect to it and use your internet. If you’re wondering why this is a problem have a quick read of this article.

WEP is a very old security system. It doesn’t work.

WPA and WPA2 are still good, as long as you use a long (20 character) password. Read here to learn more about WPA.

Below is a tutorial video that has step by step instructions on how to hack into a WEP protected network. The point is: it’s easy to hack into a wireless network protected with WEP. WEP doesn’t work.

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