Fake McDonald’s Survey

There’s a new phishing email that takes readers to a fake survey claiming to be from McDonald’s (the fast food company). It’s similar to this one seen recently.

The email suggests that McDonald’s will give you $75 for filling in the survey. Clicking on the link takes you to a web site with a survey and some McDonald’s images.

When you submit the survey form it then asks you for:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your credit card number
  • Your credit card’s expiry date
  • Your credit card’s security code

This information is collected and later used for fraudulent purposes (i.e. to make purchases using your credit card). If you receive this email or similar ones just delete them. Don’t be tempted by whatever they promise to give you.

And remember that to fill in a survey form there’s never any reason to give out your credit card details. It’s always a scam.

One thought on “Fake McDonald’s Survey”

  1. Oh I think I did a real stupid, been a hard month and so I did this survey. Oh my god what was I thinking. I will be calling my card company today and see let then know. If you have any feed back f or me in regards to this site please let me know. And what advise I need to report this sight. Thanks for much

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