Fake Survey Emails

A fake email has been sent claiming that¬†JP Morgan Chase (a financial services company) will pay you $50 for filling in a survey. Sounds tempting, except that the link they want you to click on does not take you to the real JP Morgan Chase’s web site.

Instead it takes you to a fake web site with a form asking you a few questions (the form looks like a real survey). At the end it asks you for your full name, credit card number, expiry date, and PIN number! This kind of trick is known as phishing. Any information you enter here is collected and eventually used to steal money from people’s accounts.

The idea is to entice you with filling in a survey by promising a reward ($50), making their site look like it’s from a large company, then collecting private information that you really shouldn’t be giving out to anyone.

The email reads:

Online Survey – Add 50$ to your account in 2 minutes!

Dear Customer,

You are invited to take part in our nation-wide 5 question survey. Your time is very important to us so $50 will be credited to your account upon the completion of this survey.

Please note that no sensitive information will be required, collected or stored. The information will be used to further improve our services

To take part please click here

So if you see any emails like this just delete them. Also keep in mind that a good anti-virus package can often detect you’re going to a fake web site and stop you.

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