WorldPay Fake Emails

Another fake email, this time claiming to be from WorldPay. The body of the email makes you think you’ve paid for something, and since you surely haven’t you’ll be suspicious enough to open the attachment hoping to find more information.

The attachement is a zip file, disguised as something else. The attachment’s filename is – this is an old trick of using two extensions at the end. .doc is usually a Word document, but the real extension is the last one, in this case .zip. A zip file can contain programs (.exe) such as malware. So always look at the last bit of the extension (.zip) when deciding whether or not to open the attachment.

Below is an extract of the email:

Thank you!

Your transaction has been processed by WorldPay, on behalf of Academic Resources Center Inc. 

The invoice file is attached to this message.

This is not a tax receipt.

We processed your payment. 

Academic Resources Center Inc has received your order, and will inform you about delivery. 


The AcaDemon Team


This confirmation only indicates that your transaction has been processed successfully. It does not indicate that your order has been accepted. It is the responsibility of Academic Resources Center Inc to confirm that your order has been accepted, and to deliver any goods or services you have ordered.

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