Fake Anti Spyware

Brave Sentry is a fake anti spyware product that’s been going around a lot lately. It’s also known by these names:

  • Brave Sentry
  • Spy Sheriff
  • Spyware Quake
  • SpyFalcon

Once it gets onto your computer it tells you it found a large number of threats. For example, it could say “BraveSentry Scan found 138 threats“. This is false, following its instructions takes you to a site asking for money to remove the spyware.

Here’s a procedure on how to remove Brave Sentry, if you happen to become infected.

And to avoid infection follow these tips:

  • Install a good (and well known) anti virus/anti spyware product.
  • Avoid using Internet Explorer. Use one of the current alternative browsers such as:
  • Always use the latest web browser versions, download updates frequently.
  • Never ever download or run programs just because an email or a web site asked you to. This includes things like codecs to watch videos (unless you’re quite technical and know what you’re doing).
  • Avoid warez and porn sites (they’re often infected with malware)
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