Statistics on Malware

Some new statistics on how widespread malware has become. This research comes from Google’s Anti-Malware team (full document is here)

  • The majority of malware sites are hosted in China
  • 1.3% of Google searches return a link to a malicious site
  • They found more than 3 million unique URLs on over 180,000 web sites that automatically install malware

That’s 3 million web pages that will attempt to install some form of malicious code on your computer.

With things this bad you’d be crazy to use the internet without some kind of web filtering. This is different to virus scanning. Web filtering scans each web page before your web browser loads it, looking for things like phishing and malicious code.

All of the big antivirus products include web filtering these days, it’s a good investment if you haven’t purchased one already.

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